You need to look before you leap. In order to compete effectively and grow, firms need to invest wisely in technology and environmental protection. Wise investments should be based on a critical analysis of the impacts of technological choices, and market opportunities. These assessments are also necessary for the design of appropriate public policy to stimulate competitiveness and enhance environmental protection.

IndEco’s staff answers key questions:

    • what technologies are out there? For example, we analyzed alternative energy and energy-using technologies.
    • what are the choices? We assessed technologies for waste management, including disposal, recycling, composting and landfill gas recovery.
    • how do they compare? We have undertaken life-cycle comparisons of competing technologies and management systems.
    • how much is it? We evaluated various pollution control technologies from technical and economic perspectives.
    • who else is doing it? We have examined the size of markets for numerous secondary materials, and assessed who is serving the markets now.
    • how fast can we do it? We assessed markets, and potential market penetration rates for technologies which use alternative energy sources, are energy efficient, or are less polluting than conventional technologies.
    • does it make sense? All our technology and market assessments draw conclusions about barriers and ways of overcoming them, and opportunities and ways to realize them. We offer recommendations based on technological and financial analyses. In some cases, we have developed marketing plans for new market entrants into various environmental protection sectors. In other cases, we have advised steering clear.

Some recent projects

Best practices for energy programming – Documenting all the commercial and industrial energy efficiency and conservation programs offered by electric utilities, governments and government organizations in each province in Canada, and is identifying key programs for the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador to consider to develop its portfolio of energy efficiency programs. (work is ongoing)

Best practices for water conservation– Identified and documented best practices related to municipally run water conservation programs in North America for the residential, multi-residential and ICI sectors.

Markets for green energy technology in Ontario– IndEco assisted several firms interested in entering the Ontario market for green energy technologies by providing a range of services, including an evaluation of the local policy environment, assessment of technological options, examination of Ontario markets, and business planning, including development of pro forma financial statements. (multiple projects and clients)