Dealing with regulators is not always easy. They often do not appreciate the needs of business and seem unresponsive. The lack of attention to your needs can be extremely costly, causing serious delays that can undermine the profitability and ultimate viability of your project or business.

With government resources allocated to regulatory affairs shrinking and the windows of opportunity to participate in consultations on new government policy and regulation shortening, organizations are finding it more and more difficult to put their positions forward in an effective manner and influence decision-making.

What we do

At IndEco we help you to manage your portfolio of regulatory and policy issues in a strategic manner. We ensure that we identify and understand the dangers that you face, the opportunities that you can take advantage of, and build on the strengths that you possess. We have been involved in more than 200 approvals processes. We have helped private companies and municipalities obtain approvals as well as assisted municipalities and citizen groups in their EA interventions. We routinely manage public consultation processes and come up with innovative and successful consultation tools over the Internet

In concert with you, we develop an overall strategy that will produce the results that you require, as well as add value to your organization.

We cover four main areas:

  • Strategy development
  • Issues management and consultation
  • Case management
  • Expert testimony

IndEco’s Strategic Approach

Client Issues D.O.S. Factors How IndEco creates value for you
Dangers our clients face (D) Delays, being ignored by key stakeholders, lack of understanding Foster strong stakeholder relations, promote understanding, generate positive, persistent profile
Shortage of time and staff Eliminate complexity, provide early warning system, demonstrate value to larger organization
Investments undermined Ensure impact on your business is understood and considered important, help client and stakeholders to think about the investment in new ways
Client opportunities (O) Winning support of key stakeholders Explore common interests, foster allies, demonstrate value of proposals
Identify new business opportunities Win timely regulatory approvals, build community and stakeholder support
Client strengths (S) Understand their industry/market Promote understanding of implications of environmental considerations and business integration
Clients have talented, enthusiastic staff We work with you to create monitoring and tracking systems for project/issues management and compliance that save time
Clients want to improve environmental performance and business profitability Identify profitable areas for action and help to build the business case for new initiatives

Strategy development – working with you, we assess your opportunities, challenges and risks, and develop an effective response that enhances your stakeholder relations and brings added value to your business, while achieving the desired regulatory response. We help you to make your business case, monitor and track performance, and make appropriate adjustments.

Issues management and consultation – many of our clients would like a regulatory or policy change or protection of existing investments. We develop an appropriate approach to deal with decision-makers and staff in the relevant organizations. We put your position forward in an effective manner, based on sound science and business acumen, while strengthening your relationships with these organizations. We help you meet your reporting requirements, and your due diligence obligations. We manage issues related to climate change, energy management, toxics, smog, waste management, sustainable transportation and resource use.

Case management – where your approval requires a formal process, such as a hearing, we provide case management services as well as strategic planning guidance to counsel.

Expert testimony – where appropriate, we provide expert testimony. We have testified on planning methodologies and approaches, management systems, market and technology assessments, and stakeholder consultation.

A few of our recent projects

Multiple local distribution companies – assisted in the development of conservation and demand strategies for meeting regulatory targets set for 2011 to 2014 in their operating licences.

Multiple local distribution companies – prepared third party reviews of their energy efficiency programs to verify methodologies, input values and calculations to support claims for lost revenues and shareholder incentives. For some of the utilities assisted, work involved preparation of the manager’s summaries, advising on hearing strategy, responding to stakeholder interrogatories, and assisting with preparation of submissions (final arguments).

Association of Canadian Distillers – managed issues dealing with federal environmental toxics policies (CEPA, ARET) and regulations, climate change, smog and monitoring programs dealing with Criteria Air Contaminants (NPRI, EPWG) as well as provincial issues dealing with emissions monitoring, climate change, and smog. Developed a strategy for improved stakeholder relations and environmental performance of member companies.

Canadian Gas Association – developed a strategy to strengthen relationships with a broad range of stakeholders and promote energy efficiency. The strategy included successfully obtaining funds from the Climate Change Action Fund and developing numerous partnerships with relevant industry, federal and municipal agencies, and strategically significant companies. It also involved the delivery of a workshop program on energy efficiency in new and existing development across Canada designed to generate partnered follow-up actions.

Bennett Environmental Inc. – Coordinated the development of the environmental assessment (EA) terms of reference for BEI’s Thermal Oxidizer. Advised on the public consultation process and designed the issue resolution process. This included the development of an EA web page and an Internet application to monitor, track and respond to issues.

Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.provided evidence before the Ontario Energy Board on proposed improvements to their management systems for demand side energy management (DSM) programs. and recommended improvements to their regulatory framework, and ways of presenting these improvements to regulators and stakeholders.

The Mearie Group (Electricity Distributors Association) – advised on how to allocate costs among multiple users of utility poles, and regulatory strategies for seeking approval for the allocation strategy.

KMS Peel, Inc. – Coordinated the preparation of the Draft and Final EAs for the expansion of the EFW facility. Designed and managed the public consultation and issues resolution processes, and the company’s EA web page. The EA was approved in a timely manner without a hearing.

Brewers of Ontario – Developed an overall environmental strategy including pilot programs to improve performance, ISO 14001 training, enhancing stakeholder relations with regulators, other industries, municipalities and public groups, coalition building, and preserving two key provincial regulations to support refillables. The strategy garnered international recognition and media coverage for the beer industry’s refillable bottle system, Canada’s Ecologo and the Recycling Council of Ontario’s prestigious Chairman’s Award.