Developing energy and environmental management programs is not easy; interactive forces exist between the identification of program goals, methods of accomplishing these goals and means of reaching out to the desired audience. Without clear direction on how to address these forces as a group, a program can lack focus and impact.

IndEco’s approach to program delivery has proven itself to be the clear direction needed to ensure that a program achieves the best of results. With delivery of programs ranging from equipment retrofits and technology incentive offers, to conservation education and social marketing, our experiences can be tailored towards the successful delivery of all types of energy and environmental management programs.

What we do

To us, program delivery begins at inception by defining an initial scope and objective. This initial objective should be flexible so that it can be refined to match your needs and the needs of the target audience. It’s an iterative process that can be shaped by the growth of the program as well as by the experiences that IndEco brings through successful delivery of similar projects. Aspects of program delivery that IndEco has managed in the past include:

    • Pre-, mid- and post-program performance analysis
    • Inbound and outbound call-centre services
    • Collection of statistics and data
    • Audience engagement surveys
    • Staff training
    • Energy plan development
    • Website development
    • Promotional marketing
    • Program reporting

IndEco has used these aspects of program delivery in instances such as assisting the OPA in the design of the Business Incentive Program and the Small Commercial Direct Install program; the design and delivery of Burlington Hydro’s lighting retrofit program for its general service customers; the design and field staff training of Brantford Power’s award winning Conserving Homes Program, and the design and delivery of Milton Hydro’s breakfast seminar program for general service customers.

Recent projects

York Region Water Efficient Fixture Rebates and Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI) Programs – These programs involved ICI water efficiency audits, the running of Rain Barrel sales events and installation of pre-rinse spray valves in commercial kitchens. This project was done in collaboration with engineering consulting firms and IndEco took the lead in reviewing industry best practices, delivering Rain Barrel sales events, marketing and promoting visits to commercial kitchens, program strategy, project management and customer service including managing inbound and outbound call-centres.

OPA Power Savings Blitz (PSB) Program – The OPA PSB program offers turnkey lighting and water heating retrofits for small businesses. IndEco, in collaboration with an energy auditing company, acted as program delivery agent for eight cities – Ancaster, Bolton, Lindsay, Owen Sound, Brockville, Cumberland, Kingston and Trenton. IndEco took the lead in coordinating, managing and marketing the project. This involved establishing a telephone line to respond to customer inquiries, collecting and analyzing program performance data, and sourcing, designing and customizing program promotional material. Program delivery exceeded the targets set.

OPA Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program (ERIP) – ERIP offers prescriptive incentives for each of certain lighting measures, motors, transformers, air conditioning and agribusiness equipment. IndEco led a team of consultants from IndEco, a marketing company and an energy auditing company in the delivery of an ERIP to Barrie Hydro’s commercial, institutional and industrial customers. Tasks undertaken by IndEco included designing and managing the program website, developing a tracking system to fulfil OPA reporting requirements, preparing program reports, and acting as liaison between consultants, Barrie Hydro and the OPA.

Toronto Western Hospital (TWH) energy awareness pilot program – The pilot included employee engagement, training and social marketing to encourage all TWH staff and residents to make behavioural changes related to electricity consumption. IndEco provided overall project management for the pilot and technical expertise on the ground implementation of the employee engagement and social marketing. IndEco also took the lead in preparing all written documents for the program including implementation plans and contributed to the development and writing of the energy management plan.

Energy Drill Schools Program (EDSP) – This program was piloted in four Toronto Catholic District schools and four Halton schools. Students, staff and teachers were alerted by email to forecasts of heightened energy demand. During these Energy Drills, trained teams at each school were prompted to reduce energy demand in a planned, systematic way. IndEco’s role was to design and implement the key aspects of this program: estimation of energy baselines, achievement of high Energy Drill success rates, development of energy use software and on-line surveys, the creation of a sustainable post-pilot program, and the promotion of a general culture of conservation.

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