IndEco’s services can be grouped into the following general areas:

Strategic planning – your success depends on clearly identifying your goals, needs and current situation, and how to achieve your goals and meet your needs in a series of practical, phased steps. We use our unique, participative planning process to guide you through this process quickly, and systematically.

Management systems – you need to reduce liabilities, improve performance, save time and gain widespread positive recognition for your successes. You need to keep your strategic plan on track. We will work with you to design management systems that address these needs.

Information management systems – keeping track of all the information you need within your organization is a growing challenge. We provide advice and tools to ensure you have the information you need when you need it.

Regulatory affairs – you are faced with opportunities, challenges and risks. We help you deal with these through strategy development, issues management and consultation, and seeking regulatory approvals.

Stakeholder consultation – you need to put your position forward to key parties in a strategic manner, based on sound science and business acumen, while strengthening your relationships with them. We help you to forge and strengthen alliances on common goals.

Technology & market assessment – new technologies offer you unprecedented opportunities, as well as risks. We identify and evaluate least-cost alternatives, market opportunities, new market niches, and strategies for your competitive advantage.

Communication and training – you need to keep current on key issues in your business environment, including technologies, regulatory issues, and your market. We design, organize, deliver and facilitate seminars, conferences, workshops and training sessions for individuals or large groups.

Program delivery – you want to ensure that programs are delivered efficiently and effectively. We help you achieve superior results.