Shona Adamson, IndEco President, presented IndEco’s final Mayor’s Community Energy Plan to Town Council on May 25th, 2015, and received Council approval. The plan fulfills the reporting and planning requirements of Regulation 397/11, achieves Milestones 1, 2, and 3 of the Partners for Climate Protection Program, and identifies strategic opportunities to improve corporate and community energy sustainability. This plan was developed in part by one of our partners, Sustainability Solutions Group.

“The IndEco team takes complicated concepts and makes them understandable to those that need to use them. In our case, that was for the reporting and planning requirements of Regulation 397/11.”
Brian Byrnes, Senior Advisor Ontario Ministry of Energy

The Mayor’s Community Energy Plan is made up of two parts, the Corporate Energy Plan (CEP) and the Local Action Plan (LAP).

The CEP meets and exceeds the requirements of Regulation 397/11 of the Ontario Green Energy Act, 2009, and outlines a 5-year roadmap for energy management in the corporate Town of Halton Hills. Implementation of the CEP will result in:

  • 13% to 17% improvement in energy intensity
  • 16% to 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

The LAP achieves Milestones 1, 2, and 3 of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Partners for Climate Protection program, and addresses energy use across the entire Halton Hills community. The reduction targets for the Halton Hills community are:

  • 35% reduction in per capita greenhouse has emissions by 2031, compared to 2011 levels
  • 14% reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions by 2031, compared to emissions modelled for Scenario 1 (Moderate Energy Efficiency)

Together, these two parts form the comprehensive Mayor’s Community Energy Plan for the Town of Halton Hills. The final result is an all-encompassing plan that improves the Town’s environmental and financial sustainability through initiatives that are Practical, Affordable, Reasonable, Educational, and Enforceable.

More information on the Mayor’s Community Energy Plan can be found here.