IndEco is proud to have played an integral part in helping Ontario achieve it’s ERIP targets. In 2007, the Ontario Power Authority challenged local distribution companies (LDCs) and their General Service Customers to save 4 MW and 12 GWh by the end of 2007 through participation in ERIP, the Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program.

IndEco worked with 14 LDCs across Ontario, with a total of about 45,000 general service customers, delivering a turnkey ERIP solution. We expect these LDCs as a group to surpass the OPA’s entire 2007 provincial target for ERIP, achieving a total saving of 8 MW and 35 GWh.

The program, which provides a monetary incentive to businesses to make upgrades to energy efficient equipment, was delivered to all of Ontario’s GS customers. IndEco was responsible for delivering the program on behalf of 14 utilities in southern and western Ontario in various locations from Gananoque to Welland and as far North as Barrie. These utilities represent 12.3% of Ontario’s General Service customers.

IndEco congratulates its ERIP clients and our partners for making ERIP so successful.

What IndEco’s clients say

“We appreciate the huge commitment you made to our 2007 programs; we know you worked night and day to pull it all off successfully.  We thank you sincerely for your dedication and great coordination and project management skills.”

David Whitehouse, Liana Urquhart, Keith Hockaday and Marie Virgoe
Peterborough Utilities Services Inc.

“We also have enjoyed very much working with you and your team. You were very pro-active and had many challenges…Your team really made the difference between making this 2007 ERIP a success for CNPI…I am very pleased with the results.”

Walter Lord Charest
Canadian Niagara Power Inc.