On January 1, 2019 a new regulation was introduced under the Electricity Act, 1998 titled O. Reg. 507/18: Broader Public Sector: Reporting and Conservation and Demand Management Plans.

This regulation replaces Ontario Regulation 397/11 titled Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans was enacted under the now repealed Green Energy Act, 2009. The requirements for broader public sector energy planning and reporting by Ontario agencies are identical to those under the former Regulation 397/11.

Who does this impact?

This regulation applies to all public agencies in Ontario: municipalities, post-secondary educational institutions (colleges and universities), public hospitals, school boards, and municipal service boards responsible for the treatment or pumping of water or sewage.

Regulatory requirements

Under Ontario Regulation 507/18, all public agencies are required to report annually on energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  The agencies are also required to prepare and make public updated five-year energy conservation and demand management plans. The first update is due in 2019.


In the spring of 2013, the Ministry of Energy (now the Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines) provided public agencies with a template to report annual energy use for their operations. IndEco worked with the Ministry of Energy to prepare resources to assist public agencies with the preparation of the reports and plans. Working with the Ministry of Energy to prepare these resources demonstrates that IndEco has a superior level of knowledge of energy management, especially within the Ontario public sector. IndEco has in-depth knowledge of the regulatory requirements and what strategies public agencies can use to best meet them. The Ministry finalized and released the resources online in the spring of 2013.

IndEco can help

IndEco is poised to assist public agencies with the energy conservation and demand management plans. IndEco has significant experience developing energy plans, including developing and implementing energy and greenhouse gas tracking and reporting methodologies, and creating detailed action plans to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Some of our energy planning work includes:

If you have questions about how the regulation impacts you, and how IndEco can simplify the process, please contact David Heeney at IndEco.

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(This post updates a post originally published on May 30, 2014)