In 2008 IndEco worked with Barrie Hydro to provide turnkey delivery of the Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program and the Power Savings Blitz as well as providing the marketing and promotion for the other standard Ontario Power Authority conservation programs for Barrie Hydro –The Great Refrigerator Round Up, Summer Sweepstakes and peaksaver.

The success of these programs has contributed to Barrie Hydro receiving one of eight PeakBuster Awards. The award is for exceeding the provincial average in reducing peak electricity demand at the time of greatest demand in 2008 as compared to 2007.

Barrie Hydro would like to recognize the significant contribution of our conservation partner IndEco in the receipt of the Peak Buster Award. Barrie Hydro believes that the successful delivery of the OPA conservation programs was a main factor in the demand reductions achieved. IndEco has partnered with us in the program management and promotion areas of all of the OPA programs and their expertise in these areas has been a major factor in the successful delivery of these programs.

– Stephen Perry, Manager of Regulatory Affairs & , Barrie Hydro Distribution Inc.


Barrie Hydro peak demand (MW) by year

The average peak demand for Ontario was 6% lower in 2008 than in 2007. Peak demand is an important factor in energy conservation programs because greater demand requires more generation and distribution infrastructure.

In Ontario, reducing peak demand generally results in a decline in use of power plants that use fossil fuels (like coal), create air pollution, and release large quantities of greenhouse gas emissions.

IndEco has been working with Barrie Hydro to provide programs that help their customers reduce their electricity demand, especially during times of peak demand. These programs have been highly successful and have contributed to Barrie Hydro achieving a peak demand reduction of 12.65%, more than double the provincial average.

For more information about the Peak Buster Award, see the Ontario Clean Air Alliance website.

Other IndEco initiatives that resulted in significant energy savings:

Update: Barrie Hydro merged with PowerStream in 2009. Information on PowerStream’s conservation programs is here. The Ontario Power Authority merged with the Independent Electricity System Operator in 2015.