Energy plans and reporting (still) required for Ontario public agencies

On January 1, 2019 a new regulation was introduced under the Electricity Act, 1998 titled O. Reg. 507/18: Broader Public Sector: Reporting and Conservation and Demand Management Plans. This regulation replaces Ontario Regulation 397/11 titled Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans was enacted under the now repealed Green Energy Act, 2009. The requirements for broader public sector [...]

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Seven good things, and six bad things about Ontario’s new climate plan

Today, Ontario released it's environment plan Preserving and protection our environment for future generations: A made-in-Ontario environment plan. Within that plan is Ontario's new climate change plan. On the climate change front, there is good news and bad news. The good news there’s not a denial of climate change (sad that this qualifies as good [...]

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Community energy & climate change planning: help or hindrance to DSM?

IndEco's President Shona Adamson and Caitlin Newey of Utilities Kingston will be presenting at the upcoming AESP Summer Conference in Toronto. When: August 29-31, 2017 Where: Sheraton Centre Toronto 123 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario Canada IndEco has in the past few years developed a number of community energy plans under the Government of Ontario Municipal of [...]

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Town of Halton Hills community energy plan

Shona Adamson, IndEco President, presented IndEco's final Mayor's Community Energy Plan to Town Council on May 25th, 2015, and received Council approval. The plan fulfills the reporting and planning requirements of Regulation 397/11, achieves Milestones 1, 2, and 3 of the Partners for Climate Protection Program, and identifies strategic opportunities to improve corporate and community [...]

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IndEco has helped LDCs recover more than $10 million in lost revenue

Electricity local distribution companies (LDCs) are in the business of selling a reliable supply of electricity to customers. Offering conservation and demand management (CDM) programs to customers provides a number of benefits including: Reducing electricity costs for customers, Decreasing the strain on the grid at peak times of electricity use, Delaying the need for new [...]

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County of Oxford is planning for a sustainable, resilient and vital future

IndEco is working with the County of Oxford, in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, and its 8 local municipalities to develop a comprehensive Community Sustainability Plan. The plan represents a vision of how Oxford’s communities can work together to build a sustainable, resilient, and vital future for Oxford. Extensive corporate and community events will connect [...]

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City of Brantford corporate energy plan

IndEco is working with staff from the City of Brantford in the Facilities and Asset Management department to develop a Corporate Energy Management Plan to guide the City’s energy initiatives over the next 5 years. This plan will fulfill the reporting and planning requirements of Regulation 397/11 set out under the Green Energy Act. “The [...]

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IndEco presentation at LAS Connections 2012

Regulation 397/11 of the Green Energy Act requires all Ontario public agencies – including municipalities, post-secondary educational institutions, school boards, and hospitals – to prepare energy management plans and report annually on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. As part of the Local Authority Services 2012 Connections Energy Symposium Shona Adamson will be joined by [...]

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University of Western Ontario energy and water management master plan

IndEco worked with University of Western Ontario students, faculty, and staff to develop the institution’s Energy and Water Management Master Plan. Drawing on audits, data analysis, research, benchmarking, and strategic planning, the 10-year Master Plan includes goals and targets for energy and water management, and specific actions to achieve these goals. “IndEco prepared a comprehensive [...]

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IndEco designs and manages a comprehensive energy management program at UHN hospitals

The University Health Network's energy management and engagement program engaged all members of the hospital community to work together to make behavioural, process and equipment changes to increase awareness and reduce consumption of energy and production of greenhouse gases. The pilot program, called Thermostats, Lights and Controls (TLC) - Care to Conserve shown in the [...]

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