Energy management plans promotional posterIndEco, as part of our role as project managers of UHN’s comprehensive energy management and engagement program – TLC, Care to Conserve, has prepared energy management plans for UHN’s three hospitals – Toronto Western Hospital (2008-2011), Toronto General Hospital (2009-2012) and Princess Margaret Hospital (2010-2013).

These three-year energy plans provide a detailed framework for all energy management activities at the hospitals including, but not limited to, development and implementation of the TLC program – community based social marketing, employee engagement, retrocommissioning and operator training– as well as implementation of detailed energy audits and retrofits.

The energy management plans identify priority actions including those underway that should continue, those that should get started immediately (within the first six months of the plan) and those that should be implemented within the duration of the plan.

IndEco will update these reports on an annual basis and conduct a major review of the plans every three years near plan expiry.

The reports can be downloaded below:

Toronto Western Hospital energy management plan:704KB
Toronto General Hospital energy management plan:710KB
Princess Margaret Hospital energy management plan 4 MB: 

About the author

Shona is a consultant with extensive experience in a broad range of environmental and energy issues. She has a strong background in physical and environmental science and an excellent understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of energy and environmental management. Shona has been with the IndEco since 2003 and was appointed President of the company in 2012.

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