Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is mandated to ensure the conservation, restoration and responsible management of water, land and natural habitats within the 10 watersheds (and the Lake Ontario lakefront) that make up the TRCA’s jurisdiction through programs that balance human, environmental and economic needs. An important part of this work is engaging community members in the varied and wide-ranging programs, activities, and initiatives that they undertake.

To help guide this community engagement in a strategic and coordinated way, IndEco was retained by TRCA to develop a Community Engagement Assessment Report for the organization. This assessment provides detailed recommendations for how TRCA can better engage the public in their activities. These recommendations were developed based on a detailed review of the demographics of TRCA’s jurisdiction, a review of current TRCA engagement activities, and a review of best practices in public engagement in other jurisdictions including Iceland and Australia. Development of the recommendations were guided by the International Association for Public Participation’s Spectrum for Public Participation. This framework strives to increase the level of engagement employed by organizations by moving up the spectrum from inform to empower.

community engagement spectrum

The recommendations laid out in this community engagement assessment will allow the TRCA to better engage those living, working, and playing in Toronto’s watersheds for years to come.