In Fall of 2000, IndEco completed a project, with the City of Toronto’s Environmental Planning & Support Group, to develop an implementation strategy for an Environmental Management System (EMS) for the City of Toronto. The final project report recommends a three-year action plan to move the City forward on implementing an EMS, based on the outcomes of the major project components— an EMS training workshop, a series of staff interviews and a strategic planning session.

Project Summary

IndEco was retained in the spring of 2000 to assist the Environmental Planning and Support group (EP&S) of Environmental Services in developing a strategy for the implementation of an EMS for the City. The project was designed to:

  • Introduce staff from across the City’s departments to environmental management systems, by means of a training workshop held on May 30, 2000.
  • Interview a selection of senior staff on what they saw as tasks required to implement an EMS, and priority tasks.
  • Conduct a strategic planning session (held on July 11, 2000) with senior staff across City departments to review suggestions for priority actions from the interviews and solicit other views on actions and priorities for implementing an EMS.

Several participants at the planning session suggested that the scope of the project be broadened to include an overall sustainability management system (SMS). At the request of Environmental Services, IndEco developed a sustainability framework for an SMS into which the EMS would fit, taking into account the existing mandate, roles and responsibilities of departments across the City.

This report documents the work that was carried out and presents recommended priority steps to be taken to implement the EMS in 2001-2003. The report concentrates on the priorities for immediate action in 2001. It also suggests a role for EP&S in developing and implementing the EMS and the environmental component of the SMS.

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