IndEco has prepared a district wide Energy Management Plan (EMP) for the Toronto Discovery District (TDD). This EMP represents a coordinated and integrated approach to energy management, renewable energy generation, and district energy for the buildings within the Toronto Discovery District. The Toronto Discovery District is Canada’s largest concentration of scientific research facilities and consists of major teaching hospitals, the University of Toronto, and more than 20 affiliated research institutes.

“This Energy Management Plan represents a major opportunity for the TDD members to work together to achieve significant energy and water savings and GHG emission reductions.”

This Energy Management Plan represents a major opportunity for the TDD members to work together to achieve significant energy and water savings and GHG emission reductions. The TDD uses 2,397,785 GJ of energy annually. Implementation of the EMP is expected to achieve a 34% reduction in energy use (electricity, natural gas and steam), a 41.4% reduction in electricity demand, and a 10% reduction in water usage per year. This translates into an estimated cost savings of $16.3 million per year.  Implementing the EMP is also expected to achieve large environmental benefits, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 127,735 tonnes or 61% per year, which is the equivalent of taking 27,648 cars off the road every year.

Additional information about the plan is presented in the attached summary:

PDF download Energy Management Plan for Toronto Discovery District 1512 kB