IndEco prepared three background papers for a workshop on Sustainable Consumption and Production held by Environment Canada on 25-27 May 1997. The three papers addressed the following issues and are available here:

Sustainable consumption

The paper presents key issues related to sustainable consumption, describes current practices to move away from socially unsustainable consumption paths, and identifies possible options for a path towards sustainable consumption in Canada. It is designed to be a starting point from which a discussion of sustainable consumption in Canada can begin.

Product environmental management

This paper provides an overview of product environmental management by examining the concepts of producer responsibility, product stewardship, and product policy, along with the specific tools used to advance these concepts, life-cycle assessment, and environmental management systems. Leading edge examples by government and industry world-wide are provided. Product environmental management in Canada is the discussed by examining issues at the national, provincial and industry levels. The barriers and obstacles to moving towards product environmental management in Canada are examined, as well as opportunities and issues raised.

Design for sustainability

This paper provides an overview of design for sustainability by examining the concepts of Design for the Environment, Eco-efficiency, and Industrial Ecosystems. Leading examples by government and industry world-wide are provided. Design for sustainability in Canada is then discussed by examining examples of government and industry initiatives. The barriers and opportunities to moving towards design for sustainability are identified, as are opportunities and issues raised.

Additional papers were prepared by the Delphi Group.