IndEco has helped KMS Peel to successfully obtain a timely EA approval without a public hearing for the expansion of their Energy from Waste Facility in Brampton, Ontario. IndEco designed and implemented an innovative and effective public consultation program that made use of public meetings, face-to-face stakeholder meetings and the Internet for interactive public commenting and response and information exchange. As well, IndEco coordinated the preparation of the Draft and Final EAs and spearheaded the issues resolution process with all reviewers and stakeholders. These efforts led to the resolution of all issues in an effective manner; a positive Government Review, and no hearing requests. The government approved the EA earlier than the legislated deadline for the approval decision.

IndEco’s innovative public consultation fast tracked the EA approval.

EFW projects are often very contentious unless the proponent can demonstrate clearly that the benefits to the environment outweigh the costs. In the KMS Peel case, state-of-art pollution controls that KMS Peel planned to install as a result of the expansion were going to lead to significant reductions in major pollutants and enable KMS Peel to comply with all new guidelines and standards. Without the expansion, the plant would have continued to operate as before and would not have been required to make these pollution control improvements. Through IndEco’s efforts, these benefits were made clear to stakeholders in a manner which they found to be persuasive and this enabled the project to be approved without a hearing.