IndEco develops energy engagement program training manual for NRCan

//IndEco develops energy engagement program training manual for NRCan

IndEco develops energy engagement program training manual for NRCan

Designing, implementing, and evaluating an energy engagement program is an excellent means to achieve and sustain energy savings in a building. But behaviour change is not easy. People are creatures of habit, and most prefer doing things that are easy and habitual over things that require more attention. Also, people tend to dislike being told what to do or feeling forced to change their ways. Thus, an energy engagement program needs to address the barriers that exist for behaviour change, and to anticipate the building occupants’ objections.

IndEco developed a training manual for Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) that provides a template for designing and implementing an energy engagement program for any type of building.

Diagram illustrating overlap of 4 key groups in an energy engagement programThe training manual provides guidance on:

  • Components of a successful energy engagement program
  • Program branding
  • Social marketing tools and materials (one-way communication to staff)
  • Employee engagement program design and implementation (two-way communication with staff)
  • Human resources required
  • Time commitments required and timeline for a pilot
  • Measuring the program’s impacts

It includes a mix of theory, practical advice, and real world examples.

Including building staff in energy retrofit programs is critical for building buy-in among staff, identifying the greatest number of energy saving opportunities, and achieving maximum energy savings.

The manual will be published in both English and French and will assist building operators, building managers, or building green team leaders in buildings that are undergoing energy retrofit projects. The picture below is one of the pages from the manual.

If your business is interested in an employee engagement program related to energy or other environmental issues, please contact Shona Adamson.

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About the Author:

Shona joined IndEco in 2014 as a junior consultant, and worked her way up to President in 2012 before leaving to pursue other opportunities in 2017. While at IndEco, Shona applied her skills to a wide range of client problems, including: designing strategies and programs to deliver energy efficiency, including to customers with special requirements, such as low-income customers; developing strategic energy, climate change, and other types of plans; and evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of existing initiatives and recommending how they may be improved.