Barrie City HallIndEco worked with the City of Barrie in 2011 to develop a six-year Corporate energy management plan, in compliance with Regulation 397/11 of the Green Energy Act (2009). The plan included a baseline assessment of energy use, targets for reducing energy use, and technological actions to achieve targets. We calculated a 43% internal rate of return for the full portfolio of technological actions – yielding bill savings of $10.6 million over 15 years.

The plan also goes beyond the requirements of Regulation 397/11 by addressing the organizational changes needed to improve corporate energy performance. It includes a phased implementation strategy, including costs, internal and external funding sources, and responsibilities. Finally, it includes procedures for monitoring progress and updating the plan. Energy audits, utility data analysis, stakeholder interviews, a jurisdictional review, and a strategic planning session were used as inputs.

By implementing the plan, the City of Barrie will be strengthening its financial condition and increasing its environmental sustainability.

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