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David is the CEO and Founder of IndEco.

Sustainable consumption and production in Canada

IndEco prepared three background papers for a workshop on Sustainable Consumption and Production held by Environment Canada on 25-27 May 1997. The three papers addressed the following issues and are available here:  Sustainable consumption  Product environmental management  Design for sustainability Sustainable consumption The paper presents key issues related to sustainable consumption, describes current practices to [...]

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Modelling environment-economy relationships

An impetus has arisen to develop models to integrate human activities with environmental systems from questions about the economy, the environment and sustainable development asked by government, industry and the public. The answers to these questions require new tools of analysis. A model of environment-economy linkages is such a tool, useful for policy research and [...]

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From waste management to knowledge management

By David Heeney and Laura Murphy Sustainable materials management requires that industries shift their focus from managing "waste" to managing knowledge of the uses and flows of materials in industrial systems. Failure to do this will place firms in a vulnerable position in the global economy where knowledge management is evolving as a major strategic [...]

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