Photo of David Heeney by Steven Ye

David Heeney has done management consulting in energy and environment policy, management systems and technology assessment since 1978 both in Canada and abroad. He provides leadership to IndEco by drawing on his distinctive capabilities to quickly see through a morass and identify the central kernel.

David’s consulting projects have covered a wide range of energy and environment issues, including demand side management (DSM), climate change, emissions reductions, and environmental management and information systems. He has done extensive work for both public, private and third sector clients in energy efficiency programs, life-cycle assessment, performance indicators (in particular sustainability indicators), full-cost accounting, and the development and use of economic instruments to achieve goals such as the virtual elimination of toxics. He has developed innovative strategic planning, computer modeling and communications and workflow management tools to assist decision-makers to deal with the energy, environment and business challenges they confront.

Recently, David has been working primarily on energy efficiency and climate change issues, including assisting a number of municipalities with their energy or sustainability plans, working with utilities on planning and regulatory issues related to their DSM programs, and investigating the links between human health and other issues including emissions reductions and active transportation. In undertaking this work, he relies on stakeholder consultation, reviews of best practices, modelling, and peer reviewed and grey literature.

“The world faces serious problems, many of which can be traced to a lack of systemic thinking. We need to think systemically about environment, economy and energy if we’re to survive. IndEco lets me focus on the interface between these three.”

Fundamental to the approach he brings to each project is a systems perspective, scientific rigour and business acumen. David ensures that IndEco is on top of sustainability trends and emerging issues.

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