OPA 'Certificate of Recognition' awarded to Milton Hydro Energy Drill Program

Monday, 15 August 2005

Milton Hydro's innovative demand response pilot - The Energy Drill Program™ - has been awarded a certificate of recognition under the Ontario Power Authority's new Electricity Conservation Challenge. IndEco is managing the pilot, on behalf of Milton Hydro Distribution Inc.

The Energy Drill Program™ provides a rapid way of responding to short-term supply constraints by taking immediate actions to reduce electricity use. It provides a way of reducing Ontario’s vulnerability to high prices, reduces pollution on smog days, and involves the community by encouraging them to accept responsibility and to take action.

The Milton Leisure Centre, Robert Baldwin Public School and Milton Hydro Headquarters are the first of several buildings in the pilot, and it is hoped that the success of the Drill in these buildings will make it possible to roll the program out to all municipal buildings, as well as schools, and commercial and industrial buildings.

On August 3rd, 2005, Ontario's Chief Energy Conservation Officer, Peter Love, launched the Electricity Conservation Challenge. The initiative challenges organizations and their employees to conserve electricity - both when demand is high, as well as on an ongoing basis as part of normal business practice. Participating organizations will receive periodic communications from the Conservation Bureau, with information on simple, no-cost energy reduction measures, as well as public recognition for their conservation efforts.

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