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Culture and behaviour change assessment in community energy plans

The Town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia is preparing a Community Energy Plan to provide a detailed strategy for energy investments and initiatives to be implemented in the Bridgewater community to reduce energy use, and lower GHG emissions. To accompany and inform this plan, IndEco conducted a culture and behaviour change assessment. This assessment was completed [...]

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Town of Halton Hills community energy plan

Shona Adamson, IndEco President, presented IndEco's final Mayor's Community Energy Plan to Town Council on May 25th, 2015, and received Council approval. The plan fulfills the reporting and planning requirements of Regulation 397/11, achieves Milestones 1, 2, and 3 of the Partners for Climate Protection Program, and identifies strategic opportunities to improve corporate and community [...]

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County of Oxford is planning for a sustainable, resilient and vital future

IndEco is working with the County of Oxford, in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, and its 8 local municipalities to develop a comprehensive Community Sustainability Plan. The plan represents a vision of how Oxford’s communities can work together to build a sustainable, resilient, and vital future for Oxford. Extensive corporate and community events will connect [...]

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Energy plans required for Ontario public agencies

The Ontario Regulation 397/11 titled Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans was enacted under the Green Energy Act, 2009. Who does this impact? This regulation applies to all public agencies in Ontario: municipalities, post-secondary educational institutions (colleges and universities), public hospitals, school boards, and municipal service boards responsible for the treatment or pumping of water [...]

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