BC and Quebec: Canadian leaders in energy efficiency spending

In a recent review of customer energy efficiency programs (excluding natural gas) across Canada undertaken by IndEco on behalf of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador (GNL), it was discovered that some provinces are spending significantly more per capita than other provinces and territories. The most aggressive pursuer of energy efficiency is British Columbia, spending [...]

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IndEco prepares energy management plan for the Toronto Discovery District

IndEco has prepared a district wide Energy Management Plan (EMP) for the Toronto Discovery District (TDD). This EMP represents a coordinated and integrated approach to energy management, renewable energy generation, and district energy for the buildings within the Toronto Discovery District. The Toronto Discovery District is Canada’s largest concentration of scientific research facilities and consists [...]

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Canadian natural gas distribution utilities’ best practices in demand side management

On behalf of the Canadian Gas Association (CGA), IndEco and Bruce Vernon & Associates conducted a primary research project into DSM best practices among CGA’s natural gas utility members across Canada. Excerpts from the executive summary of the project report are provided below, along with a copy of the full report. Introduction Canadian natural gas [...]

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Regulatory frameworks for demand side management

IndEco, in collaboration with Navigant Consulting, recently released two reports on regulatory frameworks on DSM: • DSM in North American gas utilities • Policy paper for DSM in Ontario These reports were prepared for Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc., (EGD) the largest distributor of natural gas within the province of Ontario, serving about 1.6 million residential, [...]

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Developing a low income energy conservation & assistance strategy for Ontario

On behalf of the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA), IndEco developed a report which provides recommendations for an overall model for low income energy programs in Ontario. This report was commissioned by the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) in response to a request by the Minister of Energy. Low income energy burden In 2000, 14.4% of Ontario [...]

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Demand side management (DSM) in North American gas utilities

In Enbridge Gas Distribution’s (EGD) 2003 rates case before the Ontario Energy Board, EGD stated its desire to obtain a better understanding of DSM frameworks in other jurisdictions. EGD is the largest distributor of natural gas within the province of Ontario, serving about 1.6 million residential, commercial and industrial customers across Ontario. EGD introduced DSM [...]

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“True cost” pricing: practices, options and implications for municipalities

By: David Heeney, Murray Trott Abstract Widespread belief that waste disposal is undervalued and is therefore undermining 3R efforts is not supported by a review of disposal costs and tipping fees. Existing and replacement landfills are still quite inexpensive, and though some tipping fees will need to rise, others will not if the full cost [...]

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Capacity building for climate change in Cuba

Background Cuba is vulnerable to many impacts of climate change, including sea level rise, agricultural impacts and increased frequency and intensity of severe weather events. This vulnerability makes the development of strategies to ameliorate climate change impacts in Cuba extremely important. IndEco, in partnership with the University of Toronto's Institute for Environmental Studies and the [...]

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Transforming your practice: Integrated design charrettes for sustainable buildings

Summary The Transforming your Practice Integrated Design Charrettes for Sustainable Buildings Toronto Charrette took place over one-and-a-half days at the City of Toronto’s Metro Hall on the afternoon of November 7th and all day on November 8th, 2001. The objective of the Toronto Charrette event was to use the integrated design process (IDP) to push [...]

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EA waste approval without need for a hearing is possible

IndEco has helped KMS Peel to successfully obtain a timely EA approval without a public hearing for the expansion of their Energy from Waste Facility in Brampton, Ontario. IndEco designed and implemented an innovative and effective public consultation program that made use of public meetings, face-to-face stakeholder meetings and the Internet for interactive public commenting [...]

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