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IndEco has helped LDCs recover more than $10 million in lost revenue

Electricity local distribution companies (LDCs) are in the business of selling a reliable supply of electricity to customers. Offering conservation and demand management (CDM) programs to customers provides a number of benefits including: Reducing electricity costs for customers, Decreasing the strain on the grid at peak times of electricity use, Delaying the need for new [...]

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County of Oxford is planning for a sustainable, resilient and vital future

IndEco is working with the County of Oxford, in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, and its 8 local municipalities to develop a comprehensive Community Sustainability Plan. The plan represents a vision of how Oxford’s communities can work together to build a sustainable, resilient, and vital future for Oxford. Extensive corporate and community events will connect [...]

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Stepping up to the Conservation First challenge

Ontario's new "Conservation First" framework – unveiled at this year's Electricity Distributors Association AGM – tasks distribution companies with achieving seven terawatt hours of energy savings in 2015-2020. Distributors are committed to helping their customers use electricity more efficiently, and generally welcome targets that are both achievable and aggressive, and accompanied by appropriate resources. Distributors [...]

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Energy plans required for Ontario public agencies

The Ontario Regulation 397/11 titled Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans was enacted under the Green Energy Act, 2009. Who does this impact? This regulation applies to all public agencies in Ontario: municipalities, post-secondary educational institutions (colleges and universities), public hospitals, school boards, and municipal service boards responsible for the treatment or pumping of water [...]

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